ArtTram's Terms & Conditions


ArtTram has established a set of rules and procedures to ensure that exhibitions run smoothly and efficiently. The contract between ArtTram and its artists includes a series of requirements to be followed by both parties based on experience gained over the years.

1.      Artists responsibilities

1.1.  Dimensions of each artwork (height, width) must match the unframed size and are recorded in inches.

1.2.  Sculptures must include the three dimensions (height, width, depth).

1.3.  Framing and presentation of the work must be done in a professional manner and the work must be ready for hanging.

1.4.  Artists agree that ArtTram may use an image of their art for promotional purposes whether online or in print for the promotion of the exhibition or on ArtTram’s website or social media accounts.

1.5.  Artists declare that the work they submit is their own, is original and not taken from another’s work, and that they are not infringing on any copyrights.

1.6.  Artists will remain responsible for insurance, of their artwork for accidental damage and breakage while it is on display.

1.7.  Artists wishing to exhibit must have paid their annual membership subscription.

1.8.  Artists agree to ArtTram’s commission of 20% on the sale price for live exhibitions, or 15% for virtual exhibitions or sales from the ArtTram Shop.

1.9.  Should a buyer request a short artist biography or a certificate of authenticity, it is the artist’s responsibility to provide these (ArtTram can provide a sample format).

1.10.   All the following information: name of the artist, title of the work, medium, dimensions and price, must be clearly indicated on the back of each work. Photographs submitted should follow the directions listed in the  “Photos” and “Title of works” in Section 3 below.

1.11.   For live exhibitions:

a)   Artists are responsible for picking up and delivering their work to the exhibition venue according to the dates and times specified by ArtTram; packaging is also the responsibility of the artist.

b)   All works must remain at the exhibition venue for the duration of the exhibition.

1.12.   For online exhibitions and the ArtTram Shop:

a)   Artists are responsible for delivering their work to the buyer, including coordinating shipping where applicable, and decisions as to whether shipping cost will be borne by the artist or the buyer.

b)   The artworks exhibited during a virtual exhibition or in the ArtTram Shop are subject to commission even if sold directly by the artist during the activity, or from a request made to ArtTram via social networks.

c)    If a buyer wishes to view the work before purchasing it, the decision and the responsibility rests with the artist to coordinate with the buyer.

d)   Artworks sold will be indicated as such for the duration of a virtual exhibition. For the ArtTram Shop, they will be indicated as sold for a period of one week and may be replaced by another work by the same artist thereafter for the remainder of the period of the exhibition.

2.      Responsibilities of ArtTram

2.1.  ArtTram offers its member artists the opportunity to exhibit. ArtTram must, however, respect the requests of hosts who agree to host its exhibitions. Venue owners reserve the right to develop new ways of exhibiting and to suggest exhibition themes or other methods aimed at ensuring the quality of its exhibitions and their success with the public.

2.2.  ArtTram reserves the right to refuse any artwork that does not meet the requirements of the exhibition as described on the invitation and / or the registration form.

2.3.  ArtTram is responsible for ensuring that exhibition dates and deadlines are respected.

2.4.  ArtTram will advertise each exhibition to its membership and occasionally, within its means, advertise in local media.

2.5.  ArtTram may photograph the artworks exhibited at the condition that these photos are not used for financial gain.

2.6.  ArtTram reminds its members that it cannot be held responsible in the event of fire, vandalism, theft or any other damage to the artworks exhibited.

2.7.  ArtTram will transfer payment to the Artist within 7 days of receipt of payment from the buyer for live exhibitions, and within 7 days of confirmation of delivery of the artwork for virtual exhibitions and the ArtTram Shop.

3.      General Information

Payments for membership renewal or participation in an activity can be made online in the Registration section of our website using a credit card, via Interac transfer or by cheque. Payments by cheque must be deposited to the postal address:  60 rue Roosevelt, Town of Mont Royal, QC H3R 1Z4

Annual Art Salon

Most of ArtTram's exhibitions are free of charge. The Salon d'Art is an exception. The registration fee must be paid before the start of the exhibition. Registration for Salon d’Art gives you the ability to use display stands as well. When you have completed the “All Exhibitions” registration form, you must also complete the “Exhibition Display Stand” registration form if you wish to present up to 6 of your unframed works. (Maximum dimensions 36inches X 24inches and must include mat and a secured plastic film covering).


The JPEG photos to be submitted during the registration stage are used in our online gallery; their quality is therefore essential. The optimal characteristics of these images must respect the following attributes:

Total dimensions: Minimum length or width of 1200 pixels                                           

Image size: maximum 1.5M

Resolution: maximum 120 dpi

File format: JPEG

Title of works

To facilitate the identification of the image files included in the registrations, we ask you to apply these simple rules in naming your photos:

Artist's last name followed by the 1st letter of the first name, title of the work (shortened if required) medium, and dimension in inches (height X width). See example below:                                                   

Ex : LastnameA.Title.Medium.20X18.jpg

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at